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The Town of Cleveland, North Carolina is described as “15 minutes from everywhere.” We are within 50 miles of 35 percent of the entire population of North Carolina, according to the most recent state statistics. A total of 3.5 million people live within 50 miles of Cleveland, with an average age of 38.8 years.

The Town of Cleveland residents are within reach of all the amenities of the city: sports, restaurants, shopping, theaters, art, and more; yet stand proud of outdoor lifestyles, including acreage for equestrian or cattle homesteads/ranches, and boasts outdoor activities of biking, hiking, hunting, fishing, and riding. The Town of Cleveland rests amongst gently rolling hills, serene and awe-inspiring natural landscapes surrounding Young’s Mountain and along Third Creek, and some of the best family-owned restaurants in the county.

The Town of Cleveland streets are lined with shaded sidewalks to connect the people of the town and community, enhancing healthy living and contributing to the overall charm of the Town.

Residents can “disconnect” from the busy world off U.S. 70, relaxing on sidewalk strolls, runs, or biking the beautiful streets of the Town of Cleveland and the awe-inspiring, lush landscapes of the community. Or take a golf-carts jaunt through the Town since the Town of Cleveland is a “golf-cart friendly community.”

Friendliness and affordability — you’ll find it in the Town of Cleveland, as well as peaceful, safe neighborhoods, surrounded by historic homes and churches and the best farmland in Rowan County. We believe in the front-porch way of life.

The median income is 8 percent higher than the state of North Carolina, and one of the highest of the 11 towns in Rowan County and the median home values is also high for Rowan — $134,500.

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