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Code Enforcement


Leash Law

The Town of Cleveland observes the Rowan County Leash Law. If pets roam at large, they may be picked up by Rowan County Animal Control.


High Grass

All residences and business owners’ grass/weeds are required to be kept at a height of 14 inches or less. If this height is violated, a notice will be mailed to the property owner. If the property is not maintained to these standards, the town will mow the property and bill the owner $50 administrative fee to the property owner.

A tax lien could be placed on the property if the bill is not paid.



Livestock are not allowed inside Town of Cleveland limits. Rabbits and chicken are not including.

  • One rabbit is allowed per household and must be penned, have shelter that is maintained in a sanitary and humane manner
  • 10 Chickens are allowed.


*Zoning map changes have occurred. Check with Town Hall to verify zoning on a certain parcel.