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Police Department

100 N. Depot St.
Cleveland, NC 27013

Non-Emergency Phone:

Emergencies, Fire or Medical:


Jon Jessop, Police Chief
Five full-time officers
Sixteen part-time or reserve officers

Chief Jessop has 12 years of experience in law enforcement, serving as a captain in the Landis Police Department prior to becoming chief of the Cleveland department in 2020. Throughout these years, he has worked part-time for the Town of Cleveland Police Department for six years, before being named chief.

The police department has jurisdiction inside the corporate limits of the Town of Cleveland. The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office covers all of West Rowan.



This residence check is provided free to the residents, in the jurisdictional limits, of the Town of Cleveland. This form is solely for the information of the Cleveland Police Department to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the police patrols, thereby promoting the general health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Cleveland pursuant to general statutes sections 160A-281 through 160A-289. Thus, this form creates no rights, expressed or implied, in the citizens requesting residence checks, and the Town of Cleveland hereby disclaims any liability, expressed or implied, in the performance of residence checks. 

Residence check requests may be made by submitting the form below, or printing the “Residence Check Form” and bringing it to the police department.

Residential Check Form

Residence Check Request