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Police Department

100 N. Depot St.
Cleveland, NC 27013

Non-Emergency Phone:

Emergencies, Fire or Medical:


Make arrangements for someone to check residence frequently, collect mail, cut the grass and discontinue the newspaper. Lock all doors and windows. Leave all curtains and window shades in a normal position (not closed). Install timers on a couple of lamps inside the home.

This residence check is provided free to the residents, in the jurisdictional limits, of the Town of Cleveland. This form is solely for the information of the Cleveland Police Department to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the police patrols, thereby promoting the general health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Cleveland pursuant to general statutes section 160A-281 through 160A-289. Thus, this form creates no rights, expressed or implied, in the citizens requesting residence checks, and the town of Cleveland hereby disclaims any liability, expressed or implied, in the performance of residence checks.